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Up & Coming Artist Twitty Emerging From Broward County

The upcoming Hip-Hop/Rapper Twitty was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. At the age of 2, he was able to play the drums and he love for music bloomed from there; Twitty even sang in his school’s chorus. With influences like Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson, Drake and a Miami, FL native Iceberg. He is creating a name for himself with his charismatic flow and wavy harmonies. Twitty is currently working on the release of his mixtape "TNT,” he has a couple singles out right now such as "That Walk" and " Boss Bxtch."

Twitty has a few friends he makes music with and is a part of Concrete Productions. Concrete Production members Marley, Coop, Chris and Twitty are not only music artist but entertainers. They love to put on a show and showcase the different talents within the group and what each artist brings to the table. Twitty has a vision and a goal to make an impact in Urban Music and will do everything it takes to accomplish it.

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