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FLA Rapper Marley Wright Is Making Noise

Born in Mount Vernon NY, moved to Bronx in his early childhood years , by the age of 7 his family moved to Broward County, Florida for a better life. Over the years as Marley got older, during his early preteen and teenage years he became very influenced with the Northern style of rap, which was focused on punchlines and hardcore flows. He looked up to artist like Juelz Santana, Dmx, Nas, and Tupac Shakur.

Majority of his throughout his teenage years he started a mixture of Southern artists such as Lil Wayne,Iceberg,Ludacris, and a few others. Marley never knew that one day he would actually make his own music, he developed the ability to write his own music until the age of 22. Marley has a few friends making their own music and over time became very determined to orchestrate his own project, he put out his first mixtape called ''More Than Words'', once that was out he was focused on creating his Own label, “Concrete Productions”.

Understanding that it's not only about entertainment but the product itself creates revenue, he stuck with Productions instead of going with Ent. The group consist of a few members and close friends of his. Even though he doesn't act like the typical CEO, he has a vision that everyone in the group respects and admires.

Listen to Marley Wright Music:

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