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New Visual By NYC Hip-Hop Artist "Maid" Feat. Ruste Juxx

New York City is the intrinsic visual backdrop for Maid’s music video for “IT’S A WRAP.” The imagery weaves two tales of the city moving from the grimy urban clamour of tenement buildings, through the streets and leads us to the ominous graveyard scenery. The depiction is purposeful, grim however truthful, highlighting the daily life of a black man in New York City.

The spontaneous actions and aspects captures Maid’s formidable presence both in lyrical prose and in physical stature. Ruste Juxx’s fiery energy aligns with this unique vision that captures the mood of their common connection.

This video is from the forthcoming album by Maid "Third Eye Power" which is set to release on May 29, from the independent hip hop label Elite Sound International.

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