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Experimental Rap Duo ‘Violet Houses’ Create Their Own Dystopian Universe in New Dreampop Single ‘Key

Experimental rap duo Violet Houses release their immensely creative lead single ‘Keys to the Horse’ from upcoming EP of the same calibre, ‘Aliens Aliens Aliens’.

Intentionally unconventional, the single and its music video embodies a parallel universe that challenges normality and explores the interdimensional alter egos of Violet Houses. It’s filled with unnecessarily convoluted metaphors that are accompanied by equally as complex visuals leaving you questioning reality and feeling intrigued.

On the single, the duo said, “I hope we’ve created something escapist. A different dimension to explore - that was the goal. That and to create something as enigmatic and freaky as we are.”

Violet Houses is a collaborative project formed by Melbourne rapper and producer Fresh Violet, and Brisbane multi-instrumentalist and producer Card Houses. Each a master of their own artistry, side-by-side as Violet Houses the duo breaks through the constructs of common sound by exploring the outer limits of pop music.

Since a few solid releases over the past couple years, Fresh Violet has stapled herself as one of the most promising female artists in Australia’s hip-hop scene. Her signature sound and contagious attitude is what makes her unique and addictive to watch, amassing an organic fanbase that treasures her individuality.

Meanwhile, since entering the rap scene in 2017, Card Houses is quickly building a reputation for their production skills and instrumental prowess. The non-binary artist’s aim is to win over the hearts and minds of the world through a cocktail of intangible weirdness and over-the-top cutesiness, which is ever so enjoyable to watch in the ‘Keys to the Horse’ music video.

As far as influences go, Violet Houses’ inspirations stem from a deliberate variety of styles demonstrated by artists like Tyler the Creator, Aesop Rock and Erykah Badu. The vibe of ‘Keys to the Horse’ is very much an exploration of braggadocio turned absurdism.

Violet Houses’ debut EP ‘Aliens Aliens Aliens’ is in equal parts an art project, science experiment and space exploration which is slated for release later this month.


Watch ‘Keys to the Horse’

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