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An Exclusive Interview with Influential Hip-Hop Artist Marcus Money

Marcus Money, also known as Realflow, is an influential hip hop artist who has received critical acclaim from some of hip-hop’s top personalities.

Recently, Marcus Money released his first album, WHO AM I, during the last quarter of 2019, and has seen tremendous success. In a recent interview with Marcus Money, he shared some advice for anyone looking to achieve success in the music industry.

What Can a Young Artist do achieve success in the music industry?

To achieve success in the industry, you have to be consistent. There are a lot of things out there that can cause you to lose your flow and prevent you from doing what you love. But you should keep in mind that it’s the tough times that help you grow. I am the man I am today because I did not let anyone get in the way of my music.

How can a young musician grow his network?

To me, networking is the process of connecting with other people, sharing information, and gaining contacts. Every musician should understand that networking is crucial.

You need to let the world know about you and what makes you stand out. And besides, networking is straightforward nowadays. For example, you have a smartphone. You can use your smartphone to connect with high-level individuals in the music industry with just a single message through social media. Instagram DM is a major networking hack; it lets you send a message to anyone, anywhere

Apart from social media, you need to go out and meet people who can benefit your career. Attend music industry events, get to know people who are successful in the music industry, have mentors. With this, you can expand your reach and eventually get the opportunity to share your music with the world.

Can you share some words of advice for anyone who wants to stand out in the music industry?

A lot of musicians in today’s generation are easily distracted by various events, projects, or activities that claim to help them achieve success in life. It’s called the shiny object syndrome, look it up!

Back then, a lot of distractions came in for me. I forced myself to exhibit razer focus on my vision, and it proved fruitful. When you’re focused on your vision, you’ll spend more time improving on yourself and your music, and eventually, you’ll become the best out there.

The industry is looking for the best of the best, and to become one, you have to spend copious amounts of time improving yourself.

You can reach out to Marcus right here.

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