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222Unique Returns With New Single "Made For"

222Unique is a rising start and breakout artist from Oxford, Mississippi. She won the prestigious 2020 rap/hip-hop award at the incomparable Independent Music Awards, as well as an award for her lively interview on Endie Fiya web radio station. 222Unique is in a class all on her own with songs like “Made For”, “Party”, and “Beast.” She’s been compared to Lil Boosie, Mo3, and Twister. Her debut E.P, self-titled 222Unique is set to drop in July.

222Unique has lyrics, puns, metaphors and storytelling ability that will get you out of your seat, on your toes, and keep her on your Mind for years to come. Slowly becoming a household name this inspiration to many will always keep you guessing. Her only weakness is that there are none. 222Unique packs a powerful punch.

Being an artist as a whole. “I love to write, record, and perform. Just being able to have people hear me when I hit the stage is everything. I really love my fans; that’s another favorite thing about being an artist, my fans will go hard for me just like I will for them.”

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