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Artistic Entrepreneur GKSuper Releases Motivational Single, "We Are The Gods"

As the music industry advances, so does the creativity and skill set of artists. That’s why I would like to introduce you to Artist Entrepreneur GKSuper, an Atlanta-based producer, lyricist, and independent record label executive. Through his imprint, Super Records Entertainment, he is transforming the perspective on Atlanta’s independent music industry.

Growing up GKSuper grew up loving and having a deep passion for music. After his parents separated at a young age, he used music to manage his emotional turmoil and subsequently sparked his inner musician. Before his father left the home, he gave young GK a copy of Tupac’s 'All Eyes On Me' CD. Whenever he missed his father, he played the record for comfort. This built a bond, a way to communicate and express himself that turned into an amazing talent for him.

His experience in after-school cyphers, and battles in the streets, granted him the opportunity to host in various Atlanta clubs, where he was able to perform his original hits and master crowd control. GKSuper continued to develop his skills by studying Music Theory and Music Production in college- which developed him into a self-sufficient artist. Outside of recording, he can write, mix, edit, and design all of his music and marketing materials among other skills.

Now, entering a new decade, GKSuper is showing his range and maturity. The independent artist has his own record label, Super Records Ent, and an accompanying merchandise line. He is excited to have complete creative control over the type of music he wants to create and the way he is perceived as an artist. He has recently released his new single We Are The Gods - a motivational, confidence-building anthem with accompanying merchandise.

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