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BigBob & Ruste Juxx Drops a New Visual, "Liquify," Produced by BigBob (Cuts by DCypha)

Crown heights Veteran Ruste Juxx aka "The James Brown Of The Underground," & Visionary Producer Extraordinaire BigBob, aka "The White James Brown Of The Underground," turn the smooth and hard-hitting single, "Liquify" from their "Culturally Rich" Album from 2019 into a cunning visual. DCypha provides some infectious cut. Get "LIQUIFIED."

An independent Release by Elite Sound International 02.03.23

Liquify on DuckDown Records Youtube:

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This video is from the Ruste Juxx album "Culturally Rich," released on December 10, 2019, from the independent hip-hop label Elite Sound International.

MP3 Available upon request (DJ's)

Twitter: @BigBobPattison @rustejuxx357

Instagram: @bigbobpattison @ruste_muthafuckin_juxx


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