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Black Realz Sets The Industry Abuzz With His Latest Single, “Closer” - #HHOE

Great music comes from a place of passion and inspiration. Black Realz is one such emerging artist who is shifting the trends with his phenomenal music and latest track, “Closer.”

R & B and Hip-Hop rapper Black Realz entered the world of music at just 12 years of age. He visited the church frequently and sang alongside fellow choir mates. Due to regular Christian rap performances at the church, he developed a passion for rap music. Black Realz, or “Lyrikal Tha Infamous,” realized that rap music is his calling and went on to pursue a career in Hip-Hop and R & B Rap.

Despite the pandemic putting a halt to stage performances, Black Realz has not disappointed his fans. His newest single, “Closer,” sounds fresh, trendy, and brings a great vibe with a groovy rhythm. The best part about his music is that it caters to a diverse audience. Closer is a song that will appeal to and entertain the millennials as well as the old-school rap lovers alike.

Black Realz’s music journey is filled with learning experiences. With a passion for varied rhythms and beats, his first beat was created on a drum set. Realz has since gained experience in different genres and worked with artists from different backgrounds. What makes him stand out in the industry is his unique set of inspirations.

Black Realz has been in the industry for over six glorious years and has performed in concerts and parties. He has shared the stage with popular recording artists like Too-Short, Ms. Toi, Bad Azz, and more. The reason why his music is loved across borders is because of his easy-going and breezy lyrical style that resonates well with audiences.

Closer is yet another piece that brings a versatile and distinct take on modern rap, and R & B. Black Realz has released four other popular singles, Real One, Way She Movin, Misunderstood, and L T Wigglez Drop. Each of his songs has fresh and unique lyrics along with a flow that entertains listeners.

Closer is out now on all major platforms and is a piece worth listening to for the real music lovers out there. It is dynamic, special, and will have you swaying to its trend-setting lyrics and beats. If you’re yet to experience the fun and vibe that Black Realz brings with his stunning single, Closer, check it out right away.

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Black Realz, a.k.a. “Lyrikal Tha Infamous,” is an up and coming to Hip Hop and R & B Rap artist. He is inspired by multiple genres and distinctive styles of beats and rhythms. He started working towards his music career at the young age of 12 and has only grown ever since. Black Realz adds a unique voice to each of his singles and connects with fans on a personal level. Through his latest single, Closer, and past singles, Real One, Way She Movin, Misunderstood, and L T Wigglez Drop, he has impressed fans across the globe by being the ultimate entertainer.

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