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Breaking Through Boundaries with Stunning Hip Hop: Michael Mastecki’s Set to Dominate - #HHOE

With a series of stirring and fascinating musical compositions, Mastecki Records is set to become a moving force in the world of Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap

Already soaring to new heights, and growing into a powerhouse, Mastecki Records continues to bring stunning undiscovered talents to the forefront. Having already amassed massive airplay and streams on official platforms, with more than 500,000 streams on their latest single on Spotify, Mastecki Records is bound to become a true force to be reckoned with.

Formed by the talented and seasoned Michael Mastecki, Mastecki Records aims to work with up-and-coming talents, highlighting their moving talents, skills, and sensibilities. Working with budding singers and song writers, the label last stunned listeners, working with Singapore’s Finest, Richard Jansen collaborating with Mastecki Records’ owner Michael Mastecki. Having released on February 19th, 2021, and aptly titled “Wreck”, the single imbued listeners with a rich and dynamic musical aura, underscoring raw and sensory pain within the vocalizations and use of music.

Using the metaphorical allusions of a wrecked city to represent the emotional wreck which a person with a broken heart and soul undergoes, “Wreck” illuminates a rich and stirring musical composition. Motivated simply by the allure of giving an indie and underground artist a platform for getting discovered through Mastecki Records, the label aims to give voice to undiscovered talents. Moving forward, Michael Mastecki aims to work with indie artists, and take them to the next level, while also establishing the label as an authentic platform.

Listen to Mastecki Records new release “Wreck”, visit their website to buy their music, and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews and music collaborations.


Mastecki Records is an independent record label, which inspires listeners with high quality Hip Hop and R&B music created along with talented indie vocalists from all over the world, keeping in mind the sole aim of presenting listeners with the best music available. Inspired by his own musical sensibilities and hard work, Michael Mastecki strongly believes in assisting budding talents, with the mindset that cultivating independent talents will ensure benefits for the larger community and label as well.

Uninterested in the monetary gains of it all, the thriving record label lead works with up-and-coming artists for the love and passion of music, and the satisfaction of discovering rising talents. He also intends to gain airplay and traction for the label’s last 4 releases, to stun listeners once again with the release of a new album. Mastecki Records encourages listeners, artists, and music lovers to visit their website, buy their music, and support their selfless endeavors for the community.

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