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Bronx Rap Artist Redlite Gives Fans a Look Into His Life in New Single: "Blueprint"

Blueprint is more than a new single release; the latest track by Redlite is a well-composed song about his life from the beginning to the present day, considered a movie by most.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, DECEMBER 23, 2022 - With the latest stunning new music release by the Bronx, New York's most consistent indie artist Redlite, "Blueprint" displays some of the best work the talented artist can offer to the industry, the art of storytelling. With memorable, realistic lyrics that complement a slow melodic beat, Redlite flow and words touch so many worldwide as he delivers a powerful message about his past life to the masses, which is an excellent addition to his music catalog.

Redlite never disappoints and provides his fanbase with the best art possible. On December 16, 2022, he blessed the world with an impressive new movie on wax labeled "Blueprint." Redlite reflects on his life as a youth, growing up as the only white kid in the hood and overcoming and adapting to society's struggle. Music was the critical component of the Bronx native's life which helped him to strive in life. As he says in the hook, "All I needed was the music."

"Blueprint" fits perfectly onto the roster as Redlite continues to give the audience what they thrive for, the music they all can relate to in some way. Redlite music has always been a representation of himself by letting the fans into his life by expressing how he feels through lyrics. But most of all, his music has been a teaching point for most by influencing and uplifting people globally.

Check out the new single "Blueprint," which narrates the entire life of Redlite. Available now on all digital music platforms and stores, such as #Spotify, #AppleMusic, #YouTube, #Tidal, and more. For more updates on Redlite, follow him on all social media platforms. For all interviews, podcasts, collaborations, or reviews, don't hesitate to contact Redlite at

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