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Budding Artist Releases New Single This Year - #HHOE

Otto Kash is passionate about his music and has plans to take it to the next level

Fresh, purposeful, and versatile – this is one of the most accurate descriptions of the artist Otto Kash. This new and upcoming artist composes in the genres hip-hip, R&B, and rap. Passionate about music, Otto Kash has just released his first music project, a new single, which is expected to be widely received.

The young artist’s music stands out due to his ability to compose in diverse styles. Not one to bind himself to one particular technique, Otto’s composition is unique and different from the rest. For instance, if one track pumps up the listener, the next one is bound to incite a different set of emotions and feelings altogether. Of course, this uniqueness is highly dependent on the artist’s talent – something that Otto Kash doesn’t lack. Otto can deliver his lyrics with wide-ranging beats and pace, resulting in interesting and catchy compositions. His lyrical content is also quite meaningful and intense. It is delivered clearly and concisely, the reason why the listeners are immediately roped into listening to Ottos’ music.

Otto Kash has only started rapping quite recently; his latest release appears to be quite a feat considering his newness. The performer plans on making his music mainstream, and becoming the hottest artist is one of his dreams. Otto Kash also owns a label by the name Cash; entrepreneurial-minded, Otto has big plans for the label too.

The artist’s music is not child-friendly. With its target audience adults only, listeners will find themselves hooked to Otto’s music due to the strong emotions displayed and its relatability. This factor aside, his musical genius and knack for seamlessly blending varying rap styles also make it a playlist favorite.

For more information on Otto Kash, please visit his website. Readers can also stream and buy his music here.


Otto Kash started rapping in January this year. Having begun his journey only four months before his first release, the artist is on the fast track to success. Otto draws inspiration for his music from his life and those around him. Moreover, Otto also plans on pursuing a career in music and taking it mainstream.


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