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Cali Emerging Artist 'Shon Perrier' Releases Debut Album “Raw Views”

Gardena, California recording artist, and songwriter Shon Perrier brings a lot of heat in 2020 with his refreshing new sound. Shon is not your typical hip-hop artist and shows no signs of slowing down. His style and lyrics are unique and versatile, capturing the moment and aiming towards his craving & love for females. Shon is stepping into the music scene to entertain the best way he knows how through his music.

Shon Perrier is no stranger to the music scene. He writes and picks out all of his beats, including his new 2020 album release, “Raw Views.” With original content, dope beats, and great concepts all around, there is no doubt that his take on hip-hop will elevate him to new levels this year.

Straight off the release of his latest single “Freak B***h” the California native drops his first album. With the release of his new album “Raw Reviews” fans near and far are continuously commenting that the album is straight fire. Shon wastes no time getting to the point with 8 solid tracks featuring artists like Nubiiian G and Eada. By far, this is one of the best indie artist albums to come out of the west coast. Shon covers every aspect of the game and concentrates on speaking to the ladies in a major way with tracks like “5 AM” and “She Bad.”

Stream and Preview “Raw Views” Album by Shon Perrier

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Shon Perrier for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

For more music by Shon Perrier, please visit:


Shon Perrier


Twitter: @perrierShon 

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spazz out
spazz out
08 ก.ย. 2563

GARDENA !!! On the map


Risk Taker
Risk Taker
07 ก.ย. 2563

kinda dope

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