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Creating Fresh Hip Hop Beats With Rhythmic Flow – Rising Talent The Immortal 8n9 Enthrals in Latest

‘Back Into the Darkness’ features The Immortal 8n9 at his lyrical best

CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2022 - The Immortal 8n9 is an up and coming singer and songwriter from Chester Pa. He has recently unveiled his latest album, titled ‘Back Into The Darkness’, to the delight of his loyal fans worldwide. The Immortal 8n9’s first solo album dives deep into his own personal demons and depressions. Written by him in what he considers to be ‘the darkest period’ of his life, he overcame the overwhelming grief brought about by the demise of his grandmother by delving deep into song. This entire album sprung from a very deep and dark recess in his heart, written with a personal ache and longing that could only be addressed by the cathartic nature of music. With his work, he aspires to have his trials and tribulations become the salvation of other people suffering.

What makes The Immortal 8n9 unique, as an artist, is his command over the feelings and emotions he is able to infuse in every lyric. Sure enough, his songs are groovy, rhythmic and instrumentally very powerful, but his lyricism elevates his discography to a whole new level. He is able to pen words and phrases that make the listeners feel heard and understood, which is perhaps why he has amassed such a loyal fan base in such little time. He fell in love with music at a very early age, inspired by his father and uncle, who had been DJ’s since they were teenagers. In 1993, when he was five years old, he and his brother Da’Ron would make beats on an old Sega Game called ‘Wacky Worlds’ and record over all of their mom’s old cassette tapes.

He aspires to allow other people to get to know him through his album, and he is comfortable with the album being his introduction to the masses. Expertly knitting themes of loss and vulnerability in each line, The Immortal 8n9 is able to evoke poignant thought from all fans, allowing him to be the most empathetic hip hop artist in the game.

Go to to find out more about the artist and his discography, and feel free to reach out via the email provided for interviews and collaborations.


The Immortal 8n9, who is also known as Mephostaphilese Immortal, is a Chester Pa hip hop singer and songwriter with a serious depth to his wordplay. The Immortal 8n9 dropped his first mixtape in 2001, titled ‘Times Is Hard’, a poetic reflection on being homeless, dirty, and hungry. In 2016, with the help of his aunt Sabrina, he published his first book titled ‘End of the Tunnel’, a personal plea for the restoration of morality and humanity in society.

His latest album is titled ‘Back into the Darkness’, and it provides audiences with the perfect blend of deep, dark lyricism with an unmatched emotional delivery and melodic beats. He has crafted this wonderful album with hopes of its lyrics resonating with people in their most vulnerable moments.


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