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Creating Outstanding Hip Hop and Rap tunes: This is The Side Road

Blending the genres of Hip Hop, Rap, and Dance music, artist The Side Road has released a brand new single for people to enjoy and admire his unique talent and musical capabilities

Shepparton, Victoria, Australia – In a world swiftly moving towards techno music, Hip Hop dance music is still in Vogue. Australia’s music group, The Side Road, proves that with their latest single titled “Tiny Pants” that features some catchy lyrics you will not be able to get out of your mind. The single was released along with a music video on YouTube on June 6th, 2021. With this brand new release, the group is aiming for its music to reach music lovers around the world, especially the audience who takes a keen interest in Hip Hop and Rap.

Coming from a small town in Australia, The Side Road looks for inspiration in the smallest and simplest things in life. They put their experiences and motivations together into music and create either motivational or exciting lyrics – either way, something that their listeners can relate to. With their very first release in 2011, The Side Road has been making music for a long time now. Their initial release back then was a single titled “For You”, which proved to be the group’s first major hit. It started climbing charts as soon as it got released and ended up hitting the 4th place in iTunes Jazz Top 100. The single stayed at that spot for a total of 7 weeks. Even after winning high acclaim in 2011 due to “For You” blowing up, The Side Road kept on going and released two studio albums. Dominated by themes of Hip Hop music and hard-hitting Rap verses, the albums are something totally unique in the world of music. The reviews so far have been immensely positive, giving the artists a boost in their following. They have a good audience base now and continue to entertain them with new music.

The single “Tiny Pants” is a signature to their catchy songwriting and composition. The song has been crated in a way that it will get stuck into your head. Rich in catchy beats and groovy melodies, the song is a dance track that tends to get the listeners hooked to it. The reviews from the fans so far are a perfect depiction of how the fun track lights up rooms it gets played in, making the people dance along to its groovy beats. In essence, the song is from the point of view of a lover about that one woman he always thinks about, no matter how hard he tries not to.

The musicians look forward to continuing making more music they are passionate about and expand their horizons as artists of Hip Hop and Rap. They look forward to tour the world, inspiring other similar acts and meeting their fans along their journey to success.

Check Out The Side Road’s music on Spotify and every other music streaming website.


The Side Road is a music group from a small country town in Australia specializing in dance tracks. They began their musical career in 2011 by releasing their first popular track titled “For You”. The track proved to be their first major smash hit, giving the group the first major breakthrough they were looking for in the world of music.

Music has always been a part of their lives. Since the beginning, The Side Road drew its inspiration from other legendary groups and artists of the industry. The creative process finds many inspirations, from life stories to optimistic messages. The group continues to release music with similar sounds and tastes and gaining acclaim with their fans. Their album ‘Solid Dance’ released in 2011, was followed by their 2019 album ‘The Road so Far’ laced with tracks with catchy tunes and lyrics.


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