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Dynamic Duo MELA-D Release Hard-Hitting New Single & Video ‘State Of Mind’

Dynamic duo MELA-D releases a hard-hitting new single & video ‘State Of Mind’, produced by the prolific HAZY (JK47, Boy of Many Colours, MELA-D, Boomalli and many more) released through Desert Pea Media (DPM) Records. The soulful tones of vocalist, SHAVINAH and the razor-sharp flow & delivery of SARI make up MELA-D. The name, ‘MELA-D’ represents Shavinah and Sari’s rich and proud Melanesian (MELA) and Indigenous Darumbal (D) heritage, MELA-D. 
 ‘State Of Mind’ is the debut release from brand new group MELA-D. The genre-bending track represents their broad musical tastes, a modern deep trap/electronic dubstep inspired production is fuelled with energy and mad vocal deliveries by Sari and Shavinah. 
Lyrically MELA-D found the zone exploring a focussed and elevated State Of Mind.   The DPM team brought in a studio to a small Air B&B in Byron Bay to record ’State Of Mind’. “We were already a few days deep into a creative lockdown session with the team before we started writing State of Mind. The beat is produced by Hazy, such a dope beat and mad producer, we instantly knew we had to write to it when he brought it to us. After 2 hours of working up ideas something finally clicked and before we knew it, we were 10 hours deep into the writing and recording process. Everything was flowing.“  - MELA-D It’s a personal song for the duo, emphasising their vision for success, the mindset required to get there and a “no one left behind” attitude. “If you are with us now, then you will be with us then” the duo state. “The song reflects the ideal that it is important to always start within yourself and to have your state of mind set on what you want before you begin to achieve it, vision it, then execute the vision. This is what we’re constantly working on for ourselves. It’s a continuous process really.” MELA-D concluded.

The vibrant, high energy ‘State Of Mind’ Video, produced by DPM Records, was shot in multiple locations in the Byron Bay region during an intensive creative session with MELA-D and features special guest dancers Waangenga Blanco, Jaymen Drahm & Coedie Ochre Warrah.  Shavinah and Sari first captivated audiences around Australia and the world via the enigmatic ‘B-Town Warriors’ debut – ‘People of The Red Sunset’, which was a community workshop outcome, run by progressive media organisation, Desert Pea Media with Bourke High School in Western NSW. The track was added to Triple J in 2016. B-Town Warriors went on to develop five productions, including the song ‘Thundercloud’, which went on to win a National Indigenous Music Award for ‘Community Music Clip of the Year’ in 2018 and was featured on Channel 10’s ‘The Project’ and ABC’s ‘Q&A’.

 “We were blessed to work with the super creative DPM Records team in Byron Bay for a full on focussed week of creative output, it was epic. We recorded tracks, shot videos, did photoshoots, workshopped ideas, engaged with the local community & generally just fully immersed ourselves in our art, collaborating with an epically talented group of people. We’re super grateful to be working with DPM Records on our debut release! They’ve been such a huge part of our journey.” Says MELA-D DPM Records is a brand new initiative for Desert Pea Media, who are about to celebrate 2 decades of operation. It’s an innovative and progressive Social Enterprise / Hybrid Record Label, inspired by Original Nations young people and artists such as MELA-D. DPM Records is visionary, future-focused and committed to positive long term outcomes.

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