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Emerging as People’s Champ and New Favorite Rapper: This is Jl Bout-It

Through compelling new tunes and outstanding compositions, rising artist Jl Bout-It is well on his way to make a name for himself in the world of music

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2021 - Up-and-coming artist Jl Bout-It is a breath of fresh air in the world of music, especially excelling in the genre of Hip Hop. With his immense experience and exposure in the music world, the artist is well-equipped for his breakthrough and is striving towards getting his sound out there in the world. To achieve his purpose, Jl Bout-It has released a brand new single titled “How Many Licks”.

The single was released in the month of July this year. Along with getting premiered on YouTube on July 2nd, 2021, the single was also released on Spotify and other major music streaming/downloading platforms. Being an extremely talented and independent artist, Jl Bout-It worked on the entire single by himself. Just like all his music, the artist started the work on “How Many Licks” from scratch, finding his inspiration and building the song along the way to eventually finishing it and releasing it as his final product. Being a singer, songwriter, and producer, Jl Bout-It first penned down the beautiful and meaningful lyrics for the song, then got down to the studio to record some vocals, mixed and matched everything, and lastly produced the entire song, perfecting it to the best of his capabilities.

Overpowered by rich themes of Hip Hop, “How Many Licks” is the perfect addition to the Hip Hop world. Heavily dominated by melodious tunes and catchy beats, the song is bound to completely turn around the moods of the listeners from dull to lively, energetic ones. One can’t help but move along to the groovy beats of the song, swinging along with the catchy tunes and letting loose. What makes Jl Bout-It extremely unique as an artist is his ability to implement certain music styles into his music. While keeping his main focus on Hip Hop, the artist goes into the studio with an open mind and takes in as much inspiration as possible, from various different music styles and eras. This approach allows him to be as creative as he possibly can be while broadening his artistic vision and exploring new ideas.

Jl Bout-It looks forward to continuing his musical journey and growing as an artist. He wants to make more music he’s passionate about, gaining fans all around the world and inspiring other people.


Veteran producer, writer, and performer, Jl Bout-It is the owner of Paperchase Muzik Llc or PCMLLC for short. He is a profound artist with an extensive background and lots of experience in the music field.

He is the product of two musically talented parents. His mother would have been a member of Envogue if the streets didn’t consume her first. Dedicating his whole life to music, Jl Bout-It says: “It’s not on me, it’s in me”, proclaiming his marriage to music and his restless endeavor to build a successful life from creating music.


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