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F.S Rudy Screaming "F*ck Ya" In His Latest Visual

The Columbus, Ga native and Upcoming artist F.S Rudy hits the scene with a brand new visual, "F*ck Ya." His 2021 performance has been an exciting one as he has been on a back to back release. If you are not familiar with this artist, you are most defiantly about to find out what real Georgia rap music sounds like. "Fuck Ya" is not your regular expression, but F.S Rudy brings out the vibes in the phrases. As he hits his listeners with lyrics, bars, and lingo, he stays on top of the beat like no other. As this year passes, he cannot miss in 2021; Rudy should be on your top 10 new artist list. Stay tuned in with F.S Rudy on social media and follow his latest music, events, and lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Hit play to stream "F*ck Ya" now on #Youtube.



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