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Florida Rapper Trillsnappin Releases New Hip Hop Song ‘Imma Let It Blow’

Trillsnappin shows his rapping skills reaching optimal potential to rescue his trapped soul from his harmful thoughts in the new song ‘Imma Let It Blow’.

Fort Lauderdale, Sep 23, 2020 ( – Starting with a swift and soft flow of piano tunes, the uprising hip hop artist Trillsnappin takes an unthinkable turn to a free-flowing emotional rap song called Imma Let It Blow. His face is new in the hip hop music scene but he has been trying to find his ground in the industry for the last few years. Maverick Florida rapper tries to make a song that people can relate with the current situation, the scuffle of life and death fits into one frame with this composition. People are anxious, vulnerable for the pandemic, and faulty state rules that are partial and beyond justified. He turns the song into the memoir of his struggling days since childhood and the grind that never stops as long as you breathe.

Trillsnappin is another brilliant rapper with the fresh ideas of music that is earned from good and experiences. The music industry is one of the toughest places to survive but he makes it happen with his unrivaled organic concept of music that has touched millions of souls on Soundcloud. Making music about his own failure and glorious attempts to see success from a few steps away proves him to be the mastermind of innovative quality of music that engrosses people for inner-growth. The inspiration chorus from the single ‘Inside/Outside‘ only teaches you how to be strong and faithful with yourself. With amazing hook and nonstop rap flow, he captivates the entire atmosphere in the single ‘When it Go Down (Prod. Euro x Rex)‘.

He shakes all the bad memories off his mind and takes the mic to show his staggering confidence with the mind-blowing hip hop number ‘Imma Let It Blow’. It’s a clean and sleek composition, bound to catch all your attention with the meaningful lyrics that can recover a ratched soul again. From Corona to karma, he takes it all in and makes a marvelous approach to wake the world up from the bad dream. Get all the latest new stories and the latest songs of the artist from Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

Listen to the song ‘Imma Let It Blow’ on Soundcloud:

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