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Galvanizing Inspiration through High Energy Hip Hop: Emerging Artist KraveKazze Kindles Positivity

An upbeat and refreshing vibe encapsulates listeners as they lose themselves in the rich and energetic musical style of rising Hip Hop artist, KraveKazze. With dynamic new single, “Goin Hard”, the rap artist is driven to motivate.

A Hip Hop and Rap icon, KrraveKazze represents the culmination of both sheer talent and tireless hard work. Rising through the ranks, the talented powerhouse is all set to take the musical world by storm, with his fresh new release, titled “Goin Hard”.

The empowering singer and song writer is driven to inspire listeners with an upbeat and electrifying vibe, while paving the way towards his future platinum selling goals. Having released on June 4th, 2021, the single “Goin Hard” has been independently crafted by KraveKazze and exudes a positive and infectious energy. Dominated by a unique flow and high energy vocals, “Goin Hard” ultimately serves as a memorable new addition to the Rap genre.

Motivated by the goal to become an independent sensation in the genre, while also honing his skill and talents, the soaring artist believes he can achieve anything if he puts his mind on to it. With his new release, he wishes to continue a musical voyage, with the goal to become efficient and successful at his genius and aiming to hit the “big screen” one day.

“I love to spread love and positivity around the world, even to the cosmos if possible…engage and support me in my journey as I grow to become the Best Version of myself that I can be,” says the rising artist regarding his new release.

Check out his new music learn more about KraveKazze on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, and promotional access.


Steering towards his end goal of becoming a successful Platinum-selling artist and entrepreneur, up-and-coming artist Kevin Altenor is set to soar. Known by his artistic name, KraveKazze, the growing artist grew up and spent most of his life in Broward County in Florida. Having traveled across the country driving semi-trucks, KraveKazze diligently worked and surged forward, with the aim to become an independent entrepreneur.

Raised by a single parent, KraveKazze had to face the brunt of struggling off of minimum wage, and facing a rough childhood growing up. However, despite the obstacles that life threw his way, the budding artist remained steadfast, and continued to express himself in ways that were both versatile and unique.

Inspired from within, KraveKazze’s goals are to be able to buy his mother a million-dollar home which she always dreamt of in Parkland, Florida. He also hopes to become a successful singer, become financially independent, and chase his hopes and dreams of travel and freedom. His plans are to expand his network and connect with like-minded individuals that are rallying for success through hard work.

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