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Get Lost in This “Out of This World” Music by Noshi - #HHOE

New Orleans, LA — With everything going on here on Earth, sometimes a major break is needed. It’s time to get lost in and out of this world experience: Spacebar, which will be featured on an EP called “Spaced Out Thoughts,” coming in January.

This music explores deep into the mind and is heavily centered around introspection, for all those who love conscious rap. This song currently streaming and can be found on most streaming platforms.

This song is my brain baby, and I’ve gotten so many good responses for it. One fan on Twitter claimed, “wordplay, vocabulary, and conceptualization outta this world #spacebar. ”

Checkout Spacebar and look forward to more from Noshi as he takes off.

If you are not yet convinced, see for yourself and vibe to this track, as well as others, on my youtube page.


This music dives deep into the mind and pulls from both the darkest corners as well as the brightest. From the happiest most heart throbbing moments to the loneliest most isolated ones.

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