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Goal-Driven Relent215 All Set to Release a Killer Single - #HHOE

Relent215 is Ready to Show-Off How Adaptive He is with A Brand-New Single!

Killeen, Texas – Relent215 first discovered his love for music when he was only a child. Since then, he has evolved into an all-around artist through his consistent efforts and burning passion. The artist has set foot into the genres of hip-hop, R&B, rap, and even pop.

Relent215’s musical pursuits, however, do not end there. The artist is a skilled and self-taught pianist, besides being able to play other instruments as well. Musicality aside, listeners are sure to be drawn to his songs because of their honesty and rawness. He makes sure to infuse his songs with lyrics about his own life and experiences.

The artist’s songs tell the story of what life was like for him as a Pastor’s child. Without shying away from emotions, he talks about his journey from struggles with homelessness in Philadelphia’s streets to his current success as a versatile musician.

Relent215 is one of the most goal-driven artists on the block. He consistently writes music about life, deception, betrayal, and heartbreak, topics that several relate to worldwide. At the same time, he regularly puts out piano covers, making sure none of his skills go to waste.

Relent215 is currently set to release his latest single that deals with similar hard-hitting topics. He is also searching for a record label or company to work with that will help utilize his skill set to their fullest potential.

Check out Relent215 on major streaming platforms to keep up with information about upcoming tracks and check out existing songs. The artist also encourages his audience to leave comments requesting song covers. Use the contact details below to get in touch with him for reviews, interviews, and collaborations.


Relent215 is a versatile singer-songwriter as well as a pianist. He bares it all, from the pain of having nothing to the satisfaction of succeeding after a struggle. Being musically-inclined ever since he was a child, the artist has spent his time honing his skills by himself. Everything he knows, from penning lyrics to making melodies to playing the piano, is entirely self-taught. He is now looking to bring his music to an even bigger platform and a wider audience by collaborating with a record label or company.


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John white
John white
Apr 29, 2021

I love this single, but why nobody knows ablut it. He has to hire new PR-managers by looking at the resumes of this service

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