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Hip-Hop Artist Rick Davis Keeps Up The Fight Against Mental Illness With New Extended Playlist

Rap artist, Rick Davis, has announced the upcoming release of a new music project titled “Check on Your Strong Friends 2” on October 16, 2020. The project is an audio rap sequel to “Check on Your Strong Friends”, a 2019 rap album targeted at raising awareness for mental health conditions. Rick Davis is pleased to Fans and keen listeners Come October 16, 2020, the album will be released on all major streaming platforms.

Check on Your Strong Friends 2 is a 6 track EP that uncovers real societal problems and offers solutions for them. A large population of people in the US has been reported to suffer from certain mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, and psychotic episodes. The emergence of the dreary COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on movement and life have not made things easier. Like he always does, Rick Davis has turned to music once more to help the population as best as he can. The conscious 6-track album encourages people to look after one another, especially people that always seem to be strong. In his own words, Rick Davis said:

“I know what it’s like to feel sad and alone because of your depression and anxiety. you can’t help but feel like your lost and all alone,” says Davis. “So to the millions of people struggling everywhere just like me, know one thing. You’re not alone. I promise…”

Speaking on his latest project he adds, “So with this project, I wanted to be a voice for those people. So, if you have ever known what it’s like to feel lost if you ever struggled with depression, anxiety, or just life in general. This project is for you.”

Rapper, Rick Davis has not had to look far for lyrical inspiration. His firsthand experiences with depression have given him deep insight into the topic of mental illnesses. The audio-biography by Rick Davis narrates the story of a young person’s struggle with mental illness and depression. It describes how such conditions lead to a feeling of sinking and despair which is why one needs desperately to reach out for emotional support. It relays how anxiety can impact lives and how sufferers should summon up the courage to get back on their feet. The project is a full EP album with six tracks featuring Check On your String Friends 2, the main track will feature the likes of Davon King, $toney, and Benji of Spillage Village with production from Andrei Lgnd, Utility Beats, and SurfinMartian. The album which been has been Mixed by Rick Davis and Mastered by Big Jerm & $toney. The project features narrations by Luna and an introduction from Mr. Coleman

“Check on Your Own Friends 2” will be available on all digital streaming platforms from October 16, 2020.

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