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Hip-Hop & Hype Interviews Artist Haze OPC | @HazeOPC

What’s good Haze OPC? Please introduce yourself to our readers. Everything, just honored and blessed to be here right now, doing what I love to do. I’m very humble. I go by the name Haze OPC part of the Official Paper Chasers Family.

Tell us the origin behind your name. Well I got the name Haze from always being consistent and having the best around at all times. It’s never a drought. Just as Haze was original and the first of it’s class and stood out so am I and so do I, even after so many saturations in the market you can’t add or take away there’s no duplicating Haze. The OPC stands for Official Paper Chasers which is my family and the name of the record label.

How did music become your passion? Music was always around since long as I can remember it was always accessible and it kept pulling me in deeper and deeper. It gives me a feeling that nothing else can give me. I feel like it chose me. Something about beats & sounds that gravitated towards me. It speaks to me in the most profound ways.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available. The single I’m Tired, which is a very unique and timeless hit. I made it specifically to shine light and let the people know it’s always another way out. No matter what you’re going through cycles, patterns, circles, whatever the case may be it’s a way out to that brighter side. You may be struggling today, even seem like you’re back in the same situations you were in before. But if you can sit back and think, what led you there then and now? You can figure a way out of that and avoid the steps that even led you there in the first place. Even with what we’re going through now as a culture especially with our race we’re just simply people fighting for Eqaility and the rights that we have as human beings on this planet. You can find the single on Apple, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, iHeartRadio and alot of other streaming services to purchase, stream and download.

What’s been the biggest struggle you’ve overcome in the music industry? I’ll definitely have to say trusting people even after bad experiences. Still not letting that discourage me and keep me down. You have to keep moving forward learning new things to do and try out different ideas.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music? Other than music you can catch me with my family enjoying life, working towards making life better and brighter every day. Music is a big part of my life currently it’s not time for nothing else. It’s always something to do and put together rather its the promotion/marketing side of things, Recording new material and then mixing it or just engineering other projects for artists.

What’s next for you? Just keep building and battling through everything. Staying focused on what I’m doing taking nothing lightly or for granted. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Where can we keep up with you online? Instagram: @mr_paper_chaser_opc Instagram: @officialpaperchasermusic Twitter: @HazeOPC Email:

Any S/O’s? To my God, the one true God, the only one I fear, that no other God sits beside, it’s just him. My kids, I Love You guys. Silence OPC stays focused and keep doing your thing applying pressure doing things your way. My entire Official Paper Chasers Family, my SSE family, FOE ( Family Over Everything) Mizzle what’s up? Smooth OPC what’s hood? Free Salute(Piff), Boo Boo, Grimey, Spazz, Squeeze, Marco, RIP J-Boss The Living Legend, and Cash P. To everybody that’s going through hard times keep your head up and I’m praying for you. Stay true to yourself and everything you represent. To all my youngins play smarter and know you can do everything you put your mind to. Make people out to be the liars they are. Never give up or get discouraged and quit because that’s not an option and shouldn’t ever be part of the topic. Love all you guys. Thanks for the support and time. Peace

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