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HoodRich Savvy Links Up with Derez Deshon for the New Street Single: “Just Like This”

With the release of his new hit single, “Just Like This,” HoodRich Savvy once again displays to the world some of his best work featuring mega rap star Derez Deshon

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022 – Georgia recording artist HoodRich Savvy is bringing major heat in 2022 with his authentic fresh sound and new street single featuring Derez Deshon, "Just Like This." Thanks to the supportive fanbase and social media, "Just Like This" is on its way to blowing up and going viral, making it one of Savvy's most anticipated releases of this year.

HoodRich Savvy and Derez Deshon are the perfect duo when it comes to making solid street music the fans can relate to worldwide from hood to hood, block to block. Back by some of the realist rappers in the industry, Savvy speaks on how the streets and life can get when living in the fast lane and how he is on top of his game while addressing the critics, letting them know its "Just Like This" and he is straight either way. Derez delivers on the second verse with pain lyrics, wordplay, and struggles, attracting real street fans and listeners from around the globe. Both rappers exhibited some of the most realistic events in their life, which are presented in an art form of a lyrical composition that will always be a part of the music we all appreciate and adore, making it an instant hood classic.

Creating his lane in the mainstream with consistency and nonstop hits, HoodRich Savvy is most definitely evolving into a household name and on the path to becoming the next prominent artist out of Georgia. So, stay locked in with the movement and follow HoodRich Savvy's career on social media and all music streaming platforms for more updates on the latest music releases and shows.

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