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Independent Artist Talksick Brings Fire and Passion to Hip Hop and Rap - #HHOE

A true MC, Talksick is delivering inspiration and leading by example to make the world a better place

Hip hop and rap has taken on a new image in the music industry today. Rap music today is often associated with metaphors and deep meanings. Nobody knows this better than Talksick.

Rodney Jorgenson AKA Talksick has been making inspirationalhip hop/rap music since the beginning of his career. His unheard of bars and punchlines paired with his burning passion for rap and hip hop showcase his talent and drive to succeed. The artist’s unique cadence sets him apart and keeps his fans listening to his songs over and over.

Talksick’s latest album, ‘The Street Bible,’ was released on November 25, 2020. The album reflects Talksick’s drive and passion for hip hop and rap music. Every song on the album is filled with metaphors and hidden meanings that will have fans revisiting each song. The album involved producers Stoney Beats and Sylvester Beats.

As an independent artist, Talksick is focused and energized by the process of creating music. He lives and breathes for hip hop and rap music and thoroughly enjoys the whole process of writing, recording, engineering, and mastering his songs. Inspired by his family, wife, children and God, Talksick’s beliefs and morals are aligned to his inspirational messages.

Talksick plans to get back to the live shows in front of massive crowds and vows to stay humble and continue inspiring others to lead their best lives.

Check out Talksick’s latest album, ‘The Street Bible’. The album is available on all major streaming platforms and the official website of the artist. Follow the artist and his journey on his social media!


Rodney Jorgenson AKA Talksick hails from Modesto, California. As an independent artist, Talksick has been creating music since the 90s. With strong moral values and deep metaphors that keep his fans hitting the replay button, Talksick is destined to inspire and change lives.

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