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Introducing Hannibal Abdullah-El, a.k.a. Solo, a Rising Hip-Hop Artist

Open Yourself to Edgy Music With Hannibal Abdullah-El’s Latest Releases

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 - Hannibal Abdullah-El found his love for music in elementary school, where he was involved in live singing and acting performances. He turned to perform hip-hop songs after enjoying writing lyrical poetry. Today, the artist produces hardcore hip-hop songs that captivate listeners with melodious lyrics that hold deep meaning.

Some of his best hits come from the same-titled LP and EP, ‘Solo tha’’ released under his company label, Solo Records Incorporated. From start to finish, Hannibal was the singer-songwriter, arranger, and producer of both projects. Although hardcore, the lyrics are alluring enough to reach a diverse range of audiences. The tracks in these albums represent a breath of fresh air in mainstream hip-hop music.

‘Solo tha” LP and EP are reflective albums where the artist shares his own life experiences to inspire others. Hannibal hopes to convey the important message of positive spirituality and to remain dedicated to achieving dream goals. Listeners can look forward to future releases as Hannibal works on several refreshing singles, EPs, and a smashing LP.

Check out Hannibal Abdullah-El and his music, available for streaming and purchase. Listeners can also follow the artist on major music and social media platforms to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. To contact him for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.


Hannibal Abdullah-El is a solo music artist based in South-Central Los Angeles. Before going solo, Hannibal started his musical journey with the Seattle music group, DREDI. The artist now does solo music that focuses on producing hardcore hip-hop tunes. Apart from creating new music, Hannibal is also busy growing his company, Solo Records Incorporated.


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