King Blak Delivers 2020’s Summer Anthem With “Batelo Batelo”

If there is one song meant to hype you up this summer it is King Blak’s “Batelo Batelo.” Bringing the Latin heat beats that don’t quit, and unmatched energy to the table – there is no better way to welcome in the summer months than this true all-star of a single. 

With music being the most universal of languages, “Batelo Batelo” gives way to a good time no matter what your native tongue is. With the upbeat charm King Blak brings throughout the entirety of the song, people near and far are going to find a harm time denying the fact that this song slaps hard, and is on par with the likes of El General and Bad Bunny. Fans of those inspired Latin artists are encouraged to check out what King Blak is doing and when they like what they hear, pass it along to all they know.