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King Logan Is Bringing Back Real Hip Hop Royalty - #HHOE

Hip hop guru King Logan is bringing a new narrative to the music genre with the release of his latest single. “B.A.D.” The catchy song is one that music lovers have not heard before as it stands on new ground. King Logan’s sound is already making waves and moving into the homes of listeners around the world.

“B.A.D.” is full of infectious beats that show a playful and mischievous side to the artist. Each rhyme is perfectly timed and blends seamlessly into the other. King Logan brings out his personal truth with his lyrics and holds nothing back from his audience; singing with a fluidity not ofter heard in other hip hop artists. The Texas-based rapper wows with each note recorded on the track. Listeners can also hear the high production value on the mix.

Released on October 18th, “B.A.D.” is available on all major streaming and music platforms worldwide, and listeners are already rushing to add this song to their playlist.

King Logan spent his youth freestyling with his friends in between skateboarding. His passion for music came first and King Logan devoted himself to his craft. The “B.A.D.” rapper has utilized his talent to create music as well as his prowess on social media to promote it. His songs prove that an artist does not have to follow the mainstream to gain popularity. He thanks God for his talent, and hopes to the boundaries of music in the industry. Be sure to spread the name King Logan to your fellow music lovers.

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