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Kingston, Jamaica/Toronto, ON Reggae/Hip Hop Sensation Dudsymil Releases 'The Frequency' EP

Kingston, Jamaica-born, Toronto, ON-based rising sensation Dudsymil declares the release of his brand-new EP, “The Frequency,” a mollifying listeningexperience throughout the five tracks. This project completely deflects from Dudsymil’s previous EP, “Deep Rivers,” a body of work that delivered such darkthemes at full length.


“The Frequency” is a show of the singer’s evolution of sound. With a formidable opener as “Right Now,” that promises to elicit some salacious emotions from female listeners. In each track, Dudsymil and his production team consistently convey the stand-out theme of “good vibes” in various aspects of daily living. “The essence of the EP, The Frequency, is a vibe that I feel has been given to me by a higher power, and I'm excited to share it with the world,” the singerexpands.


Dudsymil’s spontaneous approach to each track translates well to the seasoned listening ear. The rawness in each lyric delivered, and the beat selection foreach song will appeal to his listeners.


On “Party”, the singer enlists producer, Executive Scott, as composer and co-writer. Initially, Scott gravitated to Dudsymil right after listening to his debut albumand then decided to come on board to work on this track.


This track was mostly driven by the reggae singer’s constant frustration with everything wrong about society.


“I envisioned this being a world song that will enable healing while at the same time providing high energy required for partying.”


The follow-up tracks “Policy” and “Symple” illuminate the theme of couples in love by fusing authentic reggae and Afrobeat components into the production. These tracks allow the listener to get lost in the vivid imagery the lines immediately take you to. Adding on to the tracks being inspired by real-life occurrences elevates the quality of “The Frequency” EP.


Dudsymil concludes the project with EP name track, “The Frequency”, a collaborative effort with frequent musical partner, 3x Juno nominated singer, BlkOrchid. The pair joined forces on a relaxing record, “Sail Away”, a song about seeking comfort in a loved one.


“The Frequency” surpasses the bar set on the previous track, simply by the zestful energy and the back-and- forth singing delivered by these two artists.


The rising star first made his official impact back in December 2022, with his debut album “Deep Rivers.” This album showcased all he learned, acquiredsince his debut to the scene – recording music together with Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor on a 24-inch track.


During that time, Dudsymil explored music production, and in-depth recording and laid the foundation of his “meds music” genre. With subsequent radio play on Z1035, gaining a spike in popularity over “Tdot//Raptors We Go Hard” featuring Sticky Wow during peak Raptors playoff seasons. In 2020, the singercollaborated with international Jamaican singer Serani on an unforgettable track “Never Too Far.” This career-defining moment solidified Dudsymil’s boostingeminence, leaving his core fans yearning for more.

“The Frequency”

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