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L.A.D.S.'s Latest Project Release: "Four Play" EP

L.A.D.S. are back at it with their 3rd EP, "Four Play". Lu Chin Chen, Awful P, Damarco & Stryke got 4 incredible joints to appeal to the ladies and the gents on this one.  All beats by the one and only Homage Beats and L.A.D S. with the dope lyrics as usual.

 "Ain't Comin Down" for the smokers,  "Throw It Back" for the strippers, "Kill Ya Girl" for the toxic lovers and "Boomerang" for the "break ups to make ups" specialists.  All fire, all L.A.D.S. 

Stream "Four Play"

Streaming now on all digital platforms

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ApRock (Goon Promotion)

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