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Louisville Musician MiSeR Fends For His Own Legacy With The Latest Captivating Hip Hop Numbers

By Kim Martinez - Grief has no proper shape, it can make people sardonic and some people find the strength to fight with the unnecessary baggage and resurrect in the new light. Meet the outstanding hip hop singer of only 17, MiSeR, who is progressing as the nascent power of the youth in the hip hop industry with back to back two hits. The wheelhouse of extremities and cutting-edge musical façade, Louisville musician, is capable of stealing the crown of everyone’s favorite artist. He is a young and mysterious artist with his expertise to experiment with the intense tunes that stupefy the general audience. Wanting To Love is produced by Kubsy Beats and released last week on Soundcloud. If you want to know how to feel the void of a lonely heart, he will give you a memorable ride with the new composition equipped with real emotions.

He sings about the things he has experienced while growing up in the neighborhood. Hustle is a part of life but if you get too intrigued by the possessions, the reality becomes gloomy. He wants to be saved from the darkness that lurks around every corner. Singing about crisis gives him the power to resist it. His love for music has grown deeper with time and the songs represent the lack of love he faced during his childhood. He becomes a captivating figure with the release of the two eclectic hip hop numbers that can ease your wailing thoughts.

MiSeR’s memory inspires him to write and make music that can touch souls. The nostalgic tales of his childhood, growing resentment in his youth and the ambiguous relationships have taken their turn to infuse him with the energy to create lyrical magic. In his debut single Lost, he kicked it off with loquacious rhythms and an unfamiliar story that won thousands of hearts. He soon became the youngest favorite rapper of the nation gaining more than 10k streams. Get notification about his upcoming releases from SoundCloud and Instagram.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, go through the below link:

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