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On the Rise To Success: Smokey Bear & B Dawwg Drops New Visual "Let It Ride"

Mastering the sound of hip-hop and trap music, Smokey Bear & B Dawwg new video and single is buzzing in the streets and stunning listeners and fans from all over the globe

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 - Dropping another banging single, Smokey Bear & B Dawwg is blazing the music industry without a significant deal while making their presence known in the hip-hop world. The dynamic duo most definitely got the trap jumping out of the gym as they trade street bars to create a magnificent track that appeals to all listeners. As we all know, Smokey Bear music is timeless and lives in the mind of every listener and hustler.

The Kush Camp representative continues to build a long-lasting brand while releasing new music. The new single and video "Let It Ride" magnifies Smokey Bear & B Dawwg's talents as they make it known they're the new kings of the indie and underground hip hop world. However, critics say this could be one of the hardest releases Smokey Bear has released in 2021. Nevertheless, fans are going crazy over the top-notch performance in the new visual "Let It Ride," making them keep this street banger on repeat.

The latest release indeed puts a new title on Smokey Bear's career. As he makes his way to the top, he continues to generate high-quality music and videos for his fanbase, keeping them on the edge of their seats. So please don't sleep on this artist and stay locked in with Smokey Bear as he rises to fame and fortune in the music industry.

Stream the new music video "Let It Ride" here:

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