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Mastecki Records New Single To Hit the Shelves

Mixing and melding together novel global sounds, Mastecki Records’ stirring new single from Singapore’s finest- Richard Jansen titled “Wreck Part 2: Revival”.

OXIE, SKANE, SWEDEN, August 10, 2021 - Releasing on the 6th of August 2021, rising musical collective Mastecki Records is driven to captivate, as they proudly unveil their refreshing and stirring new track, involving the finest talents from all over the globe. Showcasing the unparalleled talents of one of the finest artists within Singapore, Richard Jensen, the new single “Revival” spins a moving narrative, rooted within rich lyricism and dynamic songwriting.

Crafting a track that is truly poetic, Revival tells the tale of how to get up when you are the weakest that you have ever been, rejuvenating the mind, heart and soul through a burning passion for more. In these moments it tells listeners that they need to believe in themselves, that they need to think for themselves, and that they need to take over the choices of their life; truly inspiring listeners to take charge of their life.

Giving thanks to god, the soul-stirring track ensures that the listeners pay heed to what is most important to them, all rooted within the empowering strength endowed by the Lord.

“You can always rise up stronger, you just need to believe in yourself, because I am a believer, I thank God, that I went out of this situation without any harm,” says the artist regarding his newest release.

Pre-save the upcoming album, coming out on the 6th of August 2021. Be sure to follow news of the new tracks on the socials of Mastecki Records at Instagram or Twitter, and stream them at Spotify.


Mastecki Records is a dynamic, independent label dedicated to connecting artists from all across the world in the effort of making tracks that really transcend global boundaries, and are able to connect with listeners all over the globe. The label tackles a number of different genres such as Hip Hop and R&B, hoping to inspire change in them through these electric and varied efforts of melding together different cultures.

At Mastecki Records the need for creative freedom is understood, as such artists are given free rein on their productions with no boundaries in what they want to make. Creating a truly holistic environment where collaborations from all across the globe can occur organically, resulting in the creation of some groundbreaking music.


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