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Meet Southern Georgia Artist Montaz

Therese Dominique - A lot of people are looking around the world today and seeing it filled with darkness. From diseases to wars, from natural disasters to social injustice – the world is filled with a lot of negative things. An exploration of that darkness and introspective lyrics that question how we got this state of despair is front and center on a new project from Southern Georgia artist Montaz.

The project is called “D.A.M.N.” which stands for Darkness Among Many Nations, and it is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s an album that Montaz said relates with people from all walks of life through the shared experience of troubling times.

“It started as me telling my story through some of the songs I’ve made, with an entertaining vibe to it,” Montaz said. “I’m a fan of horror movies and some of the songs have a horror-based influence. But my whole vibe isn’t dark and I’m not saying that the whole world is entirely dark. I’m just saying that what we’re seeing today definitely gives the world a darker aspect, and this album explores that darker perspective while also sharing some of the stories – what I saw and heard – from growing up in Philadelphia.”

Montaz’s unique sound and style can easily be identified by its nod to old-school Hip Hop. He grew up as a fan of the underground Rap scene and has developed his own spin on the raw and real lyricism of that true Hip Hop sound. He also brings a fusion of sounds from his wide-ranging heritage which includes everything from African American to Irish, Puerto Rican, Creole, Italian, Native American, Dominican, and Welsh. His biggest inspirations include artists such as Big L, Eminem, WuTang, Common, Flatlinerz, Mobb Deep, Smooth Da Hustler, Onyx, Redman, Big Pun, Nas and Biggie. 

“I grew up listening to a lot of that old-school Hip Hop music,” he said. “I would listen to Big L off and on religiously, and coming up I wanted to be rapping like that but with my own twist to it. I want to emulate them while trying to have my own voice and style to it.”

It wasn’t until age 14 that he realized creating music was his passion and should be something he pursues as a career. It happened in a flash while he was riding with his uncle in the car. His uncle had a bunch of old CDs, and when Montaz popped in WuTang’s second album, “WuTang Forever,” he stumbled across the track “Triumph” which brought back memories from the first time he’d heard it at age 3. It created such a powerful memory that he knew he wanted to do that for other people. He hasn’t looked back since.

“At the end of the day, I want to be known as being lyrical with a touch of horror,” he said. “I want to be known for telling a story and relating to folks who go through the same things I’ve gone through. I know that people like pure Hip Hop music with good lyrics and an entertaining sound, and that means they’ll like my music.”

Montaz is currently working on a third mixtape that should be released later this year. He said he has plans to release another album called “Addiction” in the summer of 2021.

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