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Michael Blueyez Releases an Inspiring Album Based on His Journey In Life

Fresno, California – October 12, 2020 – Hip hop star Michael Blueyez is ready to tell his story of his struggles and his perseverance in an upcoming album. “Long Road Home” is a personal musical journey that will inspire others to keep going in life.

“Long Road Home” is fully written and conceived by Michael Blueyez. The artist invokes his personal experiences with being incarcerated and how he has redeemed himself through music and community. The tracks feature the talents of X-Raided, Fashawn, Kontraban, Mac Hard, Sophia Ruby, LZ Tukaveli, everywhere, and G-Killa. Listeners will enjoy a Westcoast Classic EP and at the same time, the music inspires change. “Long Road Home” will be available on digital platforms worldwide on October 22, 2020.

Michael Blueyez has overcome his past to follow his music dreams and help his community. He currently works fulltime for the non-profit organization Prison of Peace which teaches inmates better communication skills that resolve conflict within institutions. Michael also went back to school to learn audio engineering to follow his passion.

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