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Jersey City Rapper Lil Dev and Producer Juggs201 Team Up For New Vid Single: "Baba Yaga"

Jersey City Rapper Lil Dev links up with music producer Juggs201 for a new video single release that has the streets talking and on fire

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2022 – Dropping their latest street banger, Lil Dev and Juggs201 are stamping and putting Curries Woods on the map without a major record deal while making their presence known in the music industry. The two Jersey City titans have been putting in work on the music scene for numerous years (Lil Dev for 10+ years and Juggs201 for 20 years) and continuing to make an impact in their city and the hip-hop community today. As we all know, great music is timeless, and that is what Lil Dev and Juggs201 bring to the forefront of the hip-hop genre. With the highly anticipated collab of "Baba Yaga," the two veteran musicians are sure to certify their names and city throughout the music scene.

The Jersey City ambassadors strive to create music that stands out from most hip-hop today by combing a powerful beat by Juggs201 followed by Lil Dev's astonishing heavy bars. The new video single "Baba Yaga" displays some of Lil Dev's phenomenal lyrical wordplay over Juggs201 hardcore production as they cruise and tour the city. However, fans are stunned by the new visual and say the collab is a good look for Jersey City and could be one of the hottest tracks produced by Juggs201. Nevertheless, "Baba Yaga" has the streets and fans going bananas nationwide and keeping the video on replay.

With the new video single well on its way to success, it also places respect on their careers as musicians in an era of repetitive music. But, as we all know, Juggs201 never disappoints and continues to produce and generate some of the best music out of the Jersey region. So follow and stay connected with Lil Dev and Juggs201 as they continue to elevate their legacy and city to the fullest.

Stream the new music video "Baba Yaga" here:

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