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Paco Ca$h Releases New SIngle 'Show Out'

If there is anyone who knows the reality of the struggle, it’s Paco Ca$h. He has had numerous roadblocks come between him and making something with his musical abilities, but the clouds have passed and the sun is shining as Paco Ca$h has unveiled his debut single thanks to Seventy Seven Entertainment, “Show Out,” available now on Soundcloud. 

It doesn’t take long for the beat of “Show Out” to burrow itself in the head of those who press play on this dynamic hip hop track. The title serves as the hook, and with it comes a hyped experience throughout as Paco Ca$h delivers the Southern rap charm in a way that feels finessed in all the right places. A stellar performance for a debut single, that will leave hip hop fans yearning for more. 

Stream "Show Out" by Paco Ca$h

“With elements of Old School Hip Hop weaved into a modern polished mix with nuances of House, Hip Hop doesn’t come fresher than this. And who couldn’t appreciate lyrics which take wordplay to the next level…” A&R Factory

Paco Ca$h grew up immersed in music. He spent much of his time listening to R&B and rap, and when he wasn’t being a fan, he was learning the craft himself by practicing the piano and being a part of the chorus in high school. With some success in poetry contests, he finally married the two skills together and started to focus on his career. While he had some setbacks along the way, he was finally able to push forward in 2020 with the help and guidance of Seventy Seven Entertainment. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, featuring “Show Out” on their site, or interviewing Paco Ca$h can reach out via the information provided below. 

To hear “Show Out” from Paco Ca$h, please visit:

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