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Phantom Caine Releases His Latest Powerful Message, ‘Crying In Autotune'

Phantom Caine releases his latest powerful, message-heavy hip-hop EP ‘Crying In Autotune.’ The eight-track EP contains strong basslines, catchy melodic elements, groovy beats, and grasping vocals by Phantom Caine. From the emotional and raw ‘Somebody To Love’ to the uplifting ‘This Side’, Phantom Caine delivers melodic bliss combined with lyrical depth across the EP. Phantom Caine.’s immersing voice and flow will grasp the listener’s attention. Undoubtedly, the EP can impact the listener as it contains every anthemic and emotion-driven element for a hip-hop release. ‘Crying In Autotune’ contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to the artist’s wordplay and powerful, relatable messages. Undoubtedly, the EP spotlights the talented abilities of rapping and songwriting by Phantom Caine. ‘Crying In Autotune’ will take the listeners into a musical journey with strong messages, catchiness, and groovy instrumentation.

Merging together a frenzy of different genres ranging from punk and alternative all the way to R&B and rap, Phantom Caine is an up and coming recording artist from Ontario, Canada, who is currently making waves in the modern hip-hop game. Having already received praise from music legend XXXTentacion as well as a co-signing offer, Phantom is no stranger to the world of popular rap music. Though still up and coming, don’t be fooled, Caine is no run-of-the-mill Soundcloud rapper. The emerging artist has been on his grind for over eight years now, steadily growing his streaming numbers up to the hundreds of thousands and developing a dedicated following. Even featuring on songs with artists like Gucci Mane, as well as receiving shoutouts from famous Youtube entertainers like ImDontai.

The young artist discovered music-making at the age of fourteen when he started self teaching himself how to use FL Studio. Being someone who deals with issues like depression, he used it as an escape from reality and a way to heal him and his listeners pain. Though not growing up in a very musical household, he cites the music his parents listened to like Enrique Inglesias and Dean Martin as some inspirations early on. Not to mention his own father, who’s unbreakable work ethic has stuck with him to this day. It wasn’t until he was pulled onto the stage whilst watching a Jazz Cartier concert at age sixteen that the young musician realised he wanted to commit his life to being a recording and performing artist. The rush of being in front of the crowd stuck with him and he has been working hard to fulfill his dream ever since.

Now in the process of releasing two big projects in 2020 (an EP called ‘crying in autotune’ at the start of the year and an album later on), Phantom is on the verge of something massive. Having worked with top tier talent such as Ronny J, Yung Tory,, Fat Nick and even underground rap icon Bones. The new EP is about the relentless struggle for success in music that Phantom and many others have to go through to make it big. The 8 track EP also delves into his own personal feelings of being a bit of an outcast in society. He’s clearly already bound for greatness though, with his hard hitting Trippie-Redd-esque track ‘Misery’ gaining over one million streams online a few years back. as well as his edgy rap cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ (renamed ‘No Thot$’) also hitting numbers in the hundreds of thousands very recently.


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