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Producer Yung Rap Beats and Rap Artist Batchelor Unveils Brand New Single: "Flying Like Giannis"

Making an imprint in the music industry with their genuine sound and unique rapping style. Yung Rap Beats and Batchelor are glad to present their latest project to the world

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, JANUARY 27, 2023 - After years of experience as a producer and engineer, seven times billboard charting producer Yung Rap Beats joins forces with Normal Not Allowed Entertainment Founder and CEO Batchelor for an electrifying new single, "Flying Like Giannis." The best of both worlds combine to create a brand-new hip-hop musical that reaches all audiences, from children to sports fans worldwide.

#FlyingLikeGiannis is one of the hit singles from Yung Rap Beats and Batchelor's upcoming album. The vivid cinematic single is based on all the components of the rising reign of NBA Champion Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. Batchelor paints the perfect lyrical picture in the debut track, in which he raps about the accomplishments and star power of one the most dominant players in the league over a flawless hard-hitting 808 trap music production from hitmaker Yung Rap Beats. Both the beat and the artist will win over fans. The new song radiates a distinct party atmosphere that inspires listeners to get up, have fun, and dance while celebrating one of the NBA's top players.

Set to drop on January 27, 2023, the new blazing single already have social media in an uproar and fans talking while waiting patiently on the new Giannis Anthem to be released. Many say this one is sure to warm up the winter and has to be one of the biggest releases from Yung Rap Beats and Batchelor thus far. As fans prepare for the next wave, the duo's new single is rapidly growing in popularity and getting visibility on a global scale. So stay tuned for what's next, and pre-save and check out the latest single, "Flying Like Giannis."

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