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Rajah Mahdi Releases New Visual ft. Leo Spazzz

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Rajah Mahdi delivers his new track “Leo” featuring Spazzz, produced by Paven Melody. The single introduces a strong confident tempo with a natural flow of rap style that depicts everything with power. The NJ native delivers his new track with a video showing outdoor clips, depicting a colorful environment in line with the flow of the music. The video finds the rappers delivering their lyricism in Atlantic City, NJ; Combining the impact of nature and environment. The inspiration behind the video is the astrological sign through utilizing the introduction of color and very “in your face” imagery.

Rajah Mahdi has been recording music since 2010, using music as a medium to express his opinion on societal situations and issues. His goal is to create a solid platform with his music and to eventually spark social reform with the values and ideals he portrays in his art.

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