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Rap Artist Trezavelii Releases New Street Visual "No White Flags"

Trezaveli, a rising artist, returns with his latest video 'No White Flags.' The footage includes anthemic instrumentation, a hard trap beat, and street lyrics. Because of its relatability and wordplay, the video album's lyrical depth will intrigue and grasp any listener. 'No White Flags' can undoubtedly impact the listener because it contains every hardcore and gangster element of trap & drill.

Furthermore, 'No White Flags' combines a raw gutter sound with clever bars and flows into a flawless hit. Trezaveli's distinct vocal flow, heavy 808s, driving percussion, and atmospheric vibes give 'No White Flags' a distinctive style and sound. The video has an original flow and well-rounded production that will take listeners on a musical journey directed by Rashid Films & FNS Films.

Watch No White Flags' Here

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