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Rap Trio “6IX4EVER” Is Back With All New Track “Cha Cha” - London Post

Rap trio “6IX4EVER” teams up with” Aycae” and “Tizzy Stackz” to create Toronto’s summer song  “Cha Cha”.

The vibe is an energetic happy look into the multicultural scene the city of Toronto is. The lyrics include some Spanishreferences and the chorus is based off the traditional dance, the cha cha.

This is a refresher for the Toronto rap scene and will for sure get you up and moving around the dance floor. It is a must listen, if you haven’t checked these boys out, I suggest you do so now. You can find these 3 on all social media platforms and all music streaming services.

You can listen to the song here: “Cha Cha”

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