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ReUp Ty Releases A Hit New Single Destined To Make The Audience Groove

“Dead Wrong” is a hit new musical masterpiece based on the challenges that the singer has faced all alone and the growth that has resulted from this.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2023 – ReUp Ty, is a new up-and-coming rapper who uses rhythmic and energetic pop beats and soulful lyrics to highlight some of the hardships in his life. The singer recognizes the true spirit of music as being a source of catharsis as well as a safe space for the listener. It is for this reason that the rising star focuses on using these tunes as a means of extending empathy to those that need it the most.

Singles such as “Close To Me”, “Homicide Relaxing”, “Session”, and “Stain In The Streets” all bring forth new emotions and life phases allowing fans to reflect on their own lives. Deep-seated anger, frustration, love, and even a sense of peace all overlap and inter-mix in this collection of music to bring something quite amazing to the forefront. ReUp Ty helps show how there is strength in vulnerability; there is power in music. His music serves as an inspiration to all those downtrodden souls that have written themselves off because of their circumstances- for them, ReUp Ty has the simple message to stand up for what you believe in.

The new addition to this music “Dead Wrong” focuses on the lessons that the singer has learned throughout his life. Each lesson is a lesson – a way of schooling for him. This positive turn on even some of the most deeply troubling moments of one’s life shows how Tyshawn is a master of narratives, flipping them to ensure that he always finds light even in a tunnel of complete darkness.

Stream "Dead Wrong" Now

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube and Spotify at the following link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through this email


Chicago-based rapper Tyshawn Smith also known as ReUp Ty has had a long, enduring journey with music. The singer has been an important new part of the Chicago music scene since his early 20s. This was because his music showed a realistic side to life in a melodious way. The continuous message of hope that the rapper has expounded cemented him as an eccentric, unbeatable new addition to the musical scene.

Since ReUp Ty has gone through many difficult phases in life which included deaths of loved ones, drugs, and violence the singer has a wide level of expertise in dealing with all sorts of issues and thus he serves as a brilliant ray of hope in a sea of darkness. Stay tuned to the artist’s music pages to get a taste of hard-hitting and melodious music that pushes you to realize your wildest dreams!


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