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Rolling Loud Partners With Twitch To Launch Digital Music Festivals

Source: Chuanchai Pundej / EyeEm / Getty

Popular music festival Rolling Loud and streaming platform Twitch are creating a partnership in order to bring the popular hip-hop festival online.

As you probably already know, music events have been put on pause throughout most of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines. Because of this, Twitch is hearing up to host Rolling Loud’s first ever digital event in a series of three festivals.

The first event will be streamed on September 12 and 13, which will be followed by more events sometime down the line. Rolling Loud has promised to bring some high-profile stars to perform at the events, with over five hours of live performances scheduled to take place during each day.

“Streaming on Twitch transports viewers into a live concert atmosphere and creates an experience for artists to interact with fans in ways only possible on Twitch,” said Will Farrell-Green, Twitch’s Head of Music Content. “As in-person concerts are put on hold, we’re working to create an incredible backstage environment that fans can access from anywhere in the world. Rolling Loud has a powerful community of hip-hop fans, and we’re thrilled to partner with them for a first of its kind event that will bring their incredible live music brand to life.”

While they’re a big part of the deal, the digital music festivals aren’t the only aspect of the partnership. Rolling Loud is also going to be broadcasting weekly content starting on September 1.

“Featuring content that intersects hip-hop, fashion, food, art, and gaming cultures, Rolling Loud is creating a virtual hub for one of the most dedicated and excitable fanbases in music,” the company revealed on Monday. Recurring shows set to be broadcast on Rolling Loud’s Twitch channel include the podcast The Rotation, a six-month long freestyle competition series entitled Got Bars?, and Loud Gaming, which will put professional gamers up against artists and athletes.

“At Rolling Loud, our core business lies in exchanging energy with fans. The artist puts out the energy, the fans give it right back to the artist—it’s a complete power exchange. That’s what a concert, and more specifically Rolling Loud, is,” added Rolling Loud co-founder and co-CEO Tariq Cherif. “When we planned to bring Rolling Loud to the virtual experience, we needed to find a partner that could help create that energy exchange and understand the core DNA of Rolling Loud. It only made sense to partner with Twitch—a service that thrives off of live engagement with fans and champions a diverse collection of creators.”

It’ll probably be years before we see another music festival like Rolling Loud in real life, so we’re definitely ready for the next best thing.

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