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Savannah's Next Biggest Artist Lady Raw is Back with New Music: "Say So Reloaded"

With musical compositions available for fans and many more in store for the future, female Hip-Hop Artist and Hitmaker Lady Raw is the next prominent rapper in the music industry.

Savannah, Georgia, is known for breeding some of the best artists in the southeastern region of the United States, such as Nivea, Quando Rondo, Big Boi, and the late great Camoflauge, to name a few. However, amongst the music scene in C-Port, a new talented artist is emerging from the city's legacy, Ra'Seanda Brooks, better known as Lady Raw. As she moves through the ranks as a musician, Lady Raw has proved why she is "RAW." From songwriting and engineering to producing, Lady Raw's expertise and skill are undeniable as she surpasses her peers and fellow independent artist. Frequently generating some of the most authentic music and original tunes, the Savannah native has recently blessed her fanbase with a brand new single titled "Say So Reloaded."

With the new release of "Say So Reloaded" in 2022, the single has gotten the world's attention. The song represents the artist's rise to stardom with melodic vocals and an exclusive beat produced by Omerta' from Paris, France. In addition, Lady Raw gives us a catchy and unforgettable hook: "Got a couple of hitters - that will move when I say so." Followed by intense hard verses from fellow rap artists Cal Wayne and Stunna Bam. "Say So Reloaded" is more than a track but a work of art that brings you closer to Lady Raw's creative mind and brilliance.

As a rap artist, she has already made her name in the music industry by releasing significant hits with mainstream hip-hop artists. Her single "Swap" was successful and featured mega rap star BowWow. Along with the single released on her record label Bentley titled "Bank" featuring famous rapper Soulja Boy. Lady Raw was destined to be great ever since she stepped on the scene, working consistently towards her goal to be more than a local artist. The Savannah artist decided to take her talents to the West Coast, where she recorded the single "Believers" with Big Chris Flores in Los Angeles, California. The linkup with Chris was the beginning of her new ventures, which represented a global connection.

Since then, Lady Raw has been working harder than your typical artist and has caught the eyes and ears of record labels, A&R's, and new fans. Her rise to success has led to an increase in music streaming numbers as she continues to distribute some of the best authentic music to her fans and industry. Keep up with the artist's music releases, lifestyle, and upcoming projects on social media and streaming platforms.

Contact her from the information provided below for interviews, collaborations, and podcasts.

Click here to stream the latest single release "Say So Reloaded"

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