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Shah Leezy Breaks New Ground with 'Mohammad Speaks': A Blend of Beats and Wisdom

If a bad dream had to be described musically it would be Shah Leezy’s new album “Mohammad Speaks!” The project is an introspective album from the proclaimed King of The Middle East. Shah dares to touch on four major themes life, love, religion, and loyalty with excerpts from 20th century philosopher Alan Watts. The lyrical content is progressive showing Shah’s reach as an artist and emcee. Show-casing his vulnerability vocally and with truth seeking bars throughout this “dream”. "Mohammad Speaks!" is where the alternative and underground sound meet. With dark alley drums and eerily sounding commentary from Watts this album plays as a Greek tragedy.

"Mohammad Speaks!"

Download & Streaming Links 48 Law's (Lyric Video)



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Andreas (Goon Promotion)

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