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Tampa Artist G Flacko Is Making A Statement

Tampa, FL up and coming artist G Flacko most definitely has a sound that no other artist can duplicate. The Florida rapper is known for his wordplay and flows, which helps him stand out from most. Throughout his career, he has faced many obstacles but remains to stay on top of his game.

During his musical journey, G Flacko discovered writing music is a way to escape the pain and chattered memories of the past. His inspiration through his music career has been his two brothers who passed away from cancer and muscle disease. With big dreams of making in the music industry, G Flacko plans to stay on the independent route and continue to create music for the world. Stay connected with G Flacko here.

His latest video "Elevation" is a perfect representation of the Flordia native. He raps over a hard trap beat and gets straight to the point of why he is all about elevating his life and mind from the trap.

Check out G Flacko latest video release "Elevation"

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