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The Combine Drops Another Cinematic Production With Latest Video “More”

Single and Video Out Now On All DSPs

LOS ANGELES, February 22, 2022 The Combine, composed of lyricist Triune and vocalist E.Q., drops another in a series of cinematic music videos with their latest visual “More.” Shot in Seattle, “More” is the third single released from their upcoming album “Ambition,” following “Park the Whip” and “All Good.” Ambition is set to be the first project released under the duo’s partnership with Viper Records.

The background was set in their preceding short video “MORE: The Flex,” where Triune and E.Q. meet an irate FBI agent at a construction site in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. He asks the two what they want and what he’s doing there. The pair plainly tells him they need “more.” After a brief exchange and a reminder of what the pair hold over him, the agent reluctantly accepts.

The video to “More” picks up after this encounter. The music begins, and with their safety guaranteed, the pair proceed to cover their faces and acquire cash, jewelry and more from a safe in a dark room. With a large bag in hand they head back home where beautiful company awaits. As Triune and E.Q. deliver their respective verses about rising, grinding, and “wanting more,” T-Mobile Park (left field to be exact) and famed Deja-Vu Showgirls make appearances throughout the nighttime scenes.

“More” proves to be another in a series of successes in The Combine’s growing repertoire. An incomparable combination, they continue their ascent in the music industry. With three winning visuals giving a taste of what the album will bring, “Ambition” will definitely be something to look out for in 2022.

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As longtime friends, business entrepreneurs, and now the musical duo that they are, Triune and E.Q. are known as The Combine. These two Southern California artists came a long way and continue to make their mark in the music industry. The Combine has partnered up with Viper Records in a mission to uplift the music culture through their artistry while continuing to be successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Through this partnership The Combine released their latest single “All Good” and still have numerous projects set to be released soon. While keeping their passion for music alive, The Combine also has a deeper passion for sports and business, in which they share a competitive bond. The duo has found an advantage in being able to speak both the language of the athlete and the businessman. They are also extremely supportive of the Los Angeles communities and look up to one of the great heroes of LA, Nipsey Hussle. Triune and E.Q. are prime examples of modern day role models that the youth can look up to as an inspiration to be game changers within the industry. With more releases to come, their stories are far from over- this is only the beginning.

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