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The Dynamic Duo Returns: Marlonhil & Mustaq Ali Releases New Album 'Capital M'

What's Realness? A question almost forgotten in present times, yet still so important to ask. In a world, where most want to be something, they are not.

A music industry in which its hard to destinguish the real from the fake, the walker from the  talker, the original from the copy. There is an answer to that question. It's "Capital M"!

"Capital M" stands for marlonhil and Mustaq Ali but also their home city's Munich and Manchester. This Album represents Realness, "doing you", not adapting to whatever is trending at the moment. It is an authentic piece of music packed with interresting, thought provoking, but also funny and entertaining lyrics written and performed by both marlonhil and his cousin Mustaq Ali. 

These Bars are backed by Golden Ara HipHop influenced productions of marlonhil who also is 1/3 of the Rap Group ArOzA Crew.

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Andreas (Goon Promotion)

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